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We are the official Georgia Chapter of the International Coach Federation, the largest worldwide resource for business and personal coaches. We offer a supportive community, opportunities for professional development, networking, and an enjoyable way to connect with coaches from all backgrounds and specialties. We actively promote awareness of coaching to our communities. Curious about what coaching is and the impact it creates? Explore the ins and outs of the coaching profession to understand more about empowering others to achieve goals through coaching here.

Our members are entrepreneurs with their own coaching business and corporate professionals using coaching as a performance and development tool in their jobs.

Join us and experience the potential of coaching through career-enhancing, powerful programs and community involvement throughout the year. Via our virtual offerings, we are able to extend beyond Atlanta to offer benefit to our coaching professionals across the state. Our meetings & events are open to both members and guests.



Why I am serving on the Board: Our profession is fairly new and governance is needed. I am pleased that ICF has stepped into this role and I want to support their efforts. Personal learning is a core value for me and I wanted to create programs that appeal to all of our members.

Fun Fact: I have two daughters adopted from China and I am an advocate for adoption.

Business Website: www.ignitecoaching.info

President Elect

Why I am serving on the Board: I serve on the ICF Georgia Board because I want to contribute to the efforts to educate our statewide community about the benefits of professional coaching to their lives and businesses. My contributions to the board are my energy, new ideas, and commitment to spreading the word about Chapter activities, community events, and the overall benefits of being involved in with the ICF both locally and globally.

Fun Fact: Nothing makes me happier than new stamps in my passport – I love to travel as much as possible!

Business Website: www.vigeresolutions.com

Immediate Past President

Why I am serving on the Board: I am deeply committed to the credibility, advancement, recognition and education in the coaching field. My drive is to see quality coaches develop, so they can go out and impact others in a positive way. I bring to the board creativity, strategic thinking and a passion for connected coaching community.

Fun Fact: I love to travel and learn about other cultures.

Business Website: www.authenticdimensions.com

Secretary and Treasurer

Why I am serving on the Board: Serving as Treasurer on the ICF GA Board combines both of my loves:  coaching and number crunching.  I jumped in with both feet and offered to be considered for the Treasurer board position at my first chapter meeting. I provide monthly financial statements, take minutes at all meetings and jump in for various projects especially those that involve increasing our revenues.

Fun Fact: I have visited all 50 states.

Business Website: www.rubycoaching.com

Director – Sponsorship and Alliances

Why I am serving on the Board: I’m serving on the Board to better understand the coaching industry. I’m adding value to the Board by broadening opportunities for companies aligned with the coaching community to reach our members and share benefits.

Fun Fact:  I love to play golf!

Business Website: LinkedIn


Director – Membership

Why I am serving on the Board: I’ve met many inspiring coaches and been exposed to new ideas through my ICF involvement. I want to give back to the community both by enhancing the experience for existing members and by expanding our membership so that more coaches can experience the learning and collaboration opportunities that come with this group.

Fun Fact: I love doing dog agility with my standard poodles.

Business Website: RevolutionYouCoaching.com

Director – Communications

Why I am serving on the Board: I am serving to communicate the profession of coaching for the positive impact and amazing possibilities it creates in the world.  I am passionate about building a community of coaches to support and foster each other.  The value I bring to the board is a joy for this profession and creativity for creating awareness through my experience in marketing and advertising.

Fun Fact: I love to travel and have family living across 4 different continents: North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe

Business Website: www.springboardcoaching.org


Director – Online Programs

Why I am serving on the Board: The ICF Georgia mission, ” To educate, engage and expand the community to advance the coaching profession” totally resonates with me. By being on the board I can actively participate in this mission and also help me refine my leadership skills while serving my community.

Fun Fact: I have moved more than 15 times in the last 17 years – yes, with the same spouse and no distress moves! 🙂 These moves enabled me to see all people as humans, and I feel like a global citizen.

Business Website: LinkedIn

Director – Onsite Programs

Why I am serving on the Board: Connection is one of my core values and serving as Program Director on the ICF Georgia Board allows me to contribute to the local coaching community by providing programming that connects our members to resources, ideas, and on-going support for their personal and career development. I bring a high level of energy, curiosity, and love of laughter!

Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backward faster than I can frontwards – Kindergarten was a wild ride!

Business Website: LinkedIn

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